This piece, written in both english and danish, has been transcribed from Antinational Situationist No.1 (1974). Its original publication was acompanied by photos showing J.V.Martin and Jens Jorgen Thorsen collaborating on 'action' paintings that were collected under the title Northlight Inc. Featuring prominently is the interlinking chain motif of the Bauhaus Situationist. The reference to 'Jesus-days' in the opening sentence is more than likely an allusion to Jens Jorgen Thorsen's project to make a movie about Jesus Christ - a project that aroused censorship and, incidentally, was debated in the british house of commons when Thorsen, in February 1977, was refused entry into the country for "carrying a film script for a film on the sex life of jesus".
All culture is collective - notes on collective creativity

J.V. Martin

In these nostalgic "Jesus-days" we should start an examination of the performace of the art of love with the avant-gardists, adam and eve. In the beginning, Adam was deeply disgusted with being alone. Obviously, he didn't believe in the "morbid devotion of man alone", neither, of course, did Soren Kierkegard.

History, which as we know cannot prove anything, can reveal however that this morbid devotion of man alone does not engender universal creativity but abortions.

Those who want to pass judgement upon us must admit that we depict our time more accurately than our critics. That is, we live in the present and judge those who think they can evaluate us; they exist behind the times and therefore in an inaccurate present.

The neo-realist lives in an unreal world but won't admit it. Long live the irrealist, who lives in an unrealistic society but admits it.

Inside the governmental concentration camp for culture, on the other hand, freedom is the crime of all crimes. Rather than being well behaved robots inside this camp, we choose to be the terrible outsiders.

Down with art which is self-contented and ego-centric, which contemplates its own navel! Up with generating everybody's art for all! Long live the popular art of toilet graffiti, where one can be jerked off at 10pm if you call the right telephone number. The co-op movement produced collectively an outstanding product, Danish Lure trademark butter.

We are cooking in co-op butter. Our "critics" are frying in their own fat.

J.V. Martin in cooperation with J.J. Thorsen Rudkobing and Venice, 1974.