This text first appeared in Antinational Situationist No.1 (1974)
Draft Manifesto of Antinational Situationist

Jens Jørgen Thorsen

We have the pleasure of presenting the manifesto at the foundation of the Antinational Situationist, wishing that interested comrades will send us commentaries and proposals for changes so that we can have the manifesto ratified, signed and distributed in an acceptable form.

We have not decided the final form of the manifesto. We can publish it as it is here in due english translation followed by commentaries from the various signing comrades. Or we can have it changed in accordance with various comments.

When we have agreed in the final form of the manifesto we will have a final and correct english original made and published. The version here do not pretend to be proper english.

Comments and signatures to the address of this periodical.

The Fourth World
A new and until now unseen world - Situationism - is now emerging. The coming international world peace through this international phenomenon. A new and forceful power is establishing in order to suppress the common creativity, the right of deciding through ones ways of life.

In the shade of the coming world peace the three international worlds, namely:
The Western Private Capitalist
The Eastern State Capitalist
And the Third, Poor
will be establishing an unmovable international system through international agreements and balance of powers. Being an international this system is deemed to develop a global organisation within with nations ranged in order and degrees, an international caste-system of hitherto unseen might.

The new unchallenged rulers of this new power-system will be the bureaucrats, the politicians and the political errand boys.

Their unit of power will be canalising, governing, uniforming, dictating and selecting the creative actions and thoughts through agreements of cultural exchange and economic support, through a process of mutual selection and economic censorship.

This process is automatically going to establish its own elite of culture and through this suppress the rights of cultural creativity of all others, their rights of deciding through their own ways of life.

This way the coming international world peace will turn into a total global war against those who do not belong to the three worlds of internationalism. A total war against those we here call the Fourth World.

This way a superorganised ambush is being prepared against all alternatives, and alternative, all out-siders and drop-outs, all freemen and strangemen, undergrounds, overgrounds, artists, scientists, gypsies, bums, proletarians and provotarians. In short everyone who are working on a realisation of Situationist thought.

On the military level all powers freed through the balance of powers will be used to destroy Situationist manifestations from the Kurds to the Black Panthers, from the artists and the students to the striking workers.

On the economic level a growing economic censorship will try breaking all those who have exchanged a private or a state capitalism in favour of a Situationist economy of life.

On the creative level all popular and free art will be suppressed in favour of state-authorised internationalistic elite art which is meant to pretend being the new culture. All research in nature or in the metaphysics will be limited to projects enforced by the economics of the politicians. All productive work will be forced towards standardising more rigidly then ever.

Maybe these people will try to pretend through political trickery that there should be four international worlds. In that case we are the Antinational of the Fifth World. Maybe they are going to pretend that there should be five international worlds. Then we are the Antinational of the Sixth world. We will always retain a number more than the others.

The characteristic of the international world is that the creative and the productive are forced to finance their own suppressor. This enforced payment is going on on all levels, but mostly and most significantly on the creative and productive levels.

It is exactly here the Situationists will intervene by creating an organism which on all levels will be able to realise a destruction of the three international worlds through manifesting the fourth world: The Situationist World.

Necessity Of Revolt
We want to create an organism which on all levels will be able to realise the dynamics inherent in the Situationist movements through a final destruction of the passivating philosophism and its academic by-product: the pseudo-revolution.

We aim at creating an organism which can optimise our dynamics instead of minimising them as any dynamics which are creative have a new direction. Our intention is to put a movement into life which is based on the necessity of disagreement.

We aim at creating an organism which is based on the process of realisation. Therefore we will have to exchange the theories of alienation in favour of the reality of realisation. This is our sole possibility of making an Antinational organism able to create a dissolving of the international world as our new movement will be based on the necessity of realising the Fourth World: The Situationist World.

We aim at creating a movement which quite simply is based on necessity. The necessity of correspondence, the necessity of common action, the necessity of poetry, the necessity of work, the necessity of laziness, loneliness, of reality and dream based on all necessity which comes from the necessity of life.

We are going to create a movement without limitations, without leadership, without censorship. Everyone wishing to realise Situationist thought is entitled to claim being a Situationist. Everyone wishing to participate in realising the Fourth World is entitled to claim being a Situationist.

We aim at creating a movement which will be able to put tools and means of survival and rise at the hands of the Fourth World

The Bankruptcy Of International Situationism
Why did the Situationist fight so rapidly turn into the fight about Situationism? Why did the fight of the Situationists so fast turn into a brother-fight between Situationist factions? And why did this fighting lead to dissolutions and self-destruction among groups from Paris to New York? Why did it lead to a series of mutual exclusions and attacks, to the passivating philosophism which forced the movement on its knees, made it split into bits and alienating it in relation to its own existence, transforming it into a new ideology?

According to our analyses the explanation is to be found in the international tendency within the Situationist movement. Each fraction of the movement developed into a nationalism in Situationist disguise. This developed into a fight on the international level with each fraction fighting to get the ridiculous position of chief-ideologist.

This development shall be ended once and for all. Or more correctly: it ended by its own force and shall never again be repeated.

The New Organism
Michael Bakunin propagated the secret societies and proved them to be the until now strongest weapon in the fight for freedom and liberation. It was a weapon which was feared by both the bourgeois in power and by Carl Marx and his followers because secret societies are the only tool to paralyse nationalism, ?????? and internationalism as it paralyses the common goal of the bourgeois and the authoritarian socialists: the domination through force.

Even the theses of Trotzky concerning the permanent revolution are after all nothing more than a disguised picture of dialectic changes between Authoritarian rulers. These rulers display the greatest possible guarantee that communist states - what a contradiction in adjecto - should ever be realised. The secret societies of Michael Bakunin on the contrary represent a first fundamental attempt to organise the permanent revolt.

Anarchist movements invented the idea of the secretary's office which was meant to serve as a communication link between equal anarchist groups.

Through its new organism the Situationist Antinational intends to break down the tradition of the secretary's office as we realise that the one who runs the communications also commands the informations and in this way occupies a rather centralised institution of power.

The Situationist Antinational aims at realising an organism which bases its coherence and its functions on the principle of free correspondence between autonomous groups and individuals.

This way we shall realise an organism able to break down the uniforming classification, the sterilisation of everyday life on all levels. If everyday life is going to mean the dog-life of the conditioned reflexes, we will get rid of everyday life in exchange for the permanent feast of the permanent revolt.

If we at this moment pretend to own the full truth about nations built with lies we should be just as much lying as the internationalism we are fighting. Therefore the Situationist Antinational is going to play an honest game: divided we stand.

The new Situationist groups which emerge today must be like the factories of everyday life in which rebels unite in order to make their critic submerge the world though action. Nothing less will satisfy them than being fully satisfied with themselves.

This formulation is recommended by Jorgen Nash, J.V. Martin, Patrick O'Brien, Tom Krojer, Ambrosius Fjord, Andres King, Yoshio Nakajima, Liza Menue, Heimrad Prem, Mette Aarre, Heinz Frietag, Liz Zwick, Novi Margni and Helmut Sturm.