Originally appeared as a leaflet to accompany the 'Pavilion of Revolt' at the Venice Biennale. Taken from Situationister 1957-70, Bauhaus Situationniste, 1971
Declaration on the new international solidarity among artists Venice, June 1968

The opponents of commercialisation of the arts are supporting the actions against the Venice Biennale.

They are against the principle of national representation and authorisation of art by which the process of international artistic activation is suppressed.

Ve must break through the aesthetical isolation in order to protest against the manipulation and monopolisation within cultural life.

This process is the basis for every new creative expansion

Here in Venice it was necessary to protect the so-called cultural treasures through massive and brutal police intervention. This reaction againat international protest-actions is a symptom of the latent fascistic powers in the statal goverments of today in east and in west.

Consequently it was decided here in Venice by international artiats from Berlin, Bozen, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Firenze, Göteborg, Hamburg, München, Milano, New York, Oslo, Örkelljunga, Paris, Tokyo, Venice and Vienna to organise in resistance-groups and to establish the following secretariats:

Drakabygget, Örkelljunga, Sverige.
Gaetano Pesce & Alesssandro Zen, 119 Rue de Flandre, Paris.
2. situationist international, 5 Snareg. 1205 Copenhagen K, Denmark.
Aktioncentrum für Kultur und Revolution, Berlin.

Cooperating and sympathising groups can affirm this manifesto and express their solidarity by returning a signed copy to the following adress: Drakabygget, Örkelljunga, Sverige, which would be responsible for later printing and distribution.

Gruppe Geflecht - Munchen
Gruppe Settanta - Firenze
Bauhauo Situationiste - Copenhagen - Örkelljunga
2nd international situationist - Scandinavia - England - Holland - USA - Japan
Unbeat Organizers - Tokyo - Göteborg
Kommune 1 - Berlin
Black Mask - New York
Revolutionary Architects - London
Institute of Direct Art - Wien
New Amsterdam - Amsterdam