Originally appeared as a leaflet to accompany the 'Pavilion of Revolt' at the Venice Biennale. Taken from Situationister 1957-70, Bauhaus Situationniste, 1971
Declaration for our Italian Artists and Comerades: Follow Courbet


Instruction for steps of action at the Venice Biennale revolt.

Leaflet No. 2 against the authorities' overtaking of the world art from the 2ns Situationist International.

FIRST STEP OF THE ACTION: the Horse of Troia and the Art Police.

This was the demand to us given at the Stockholm meeting of strategy between the World Anarchist Council and Representatives from the 2ns Situatiationist International, April 1968. To organising the revolt against the International Biennale in Venice through changing it into an International Pavillon of Revolt.

Today the action is a reality. Our Comrades from Italy are laying siege to the Biennale. An iron-ring of police is now defending the exhibition area.

We thank you, Italian comerades, for your deed! It has shown that the terror-police by all means is defending the art-police.

Go on fighting! Now we are up to the next step of the action, the opening of june the 18th. Police-terror has not been able to stop us.

Our message is that the Iron-Ring is broken.

The Horse of Troja is already brought in.

THE SECOND STEP OF THE ACTION: leave the art academies!

In Venice, as elsewhere in the world, the action started by occupation. ACCADEMIA DE BELLI ARTE, the local cultural concentration camp was occupied. Now wee are up to: Leave the Academy. Let the courpse rotten. It would be stupid if the prisoners concured the concentration-camp in order to running it.

THE THIRD STEP OF THE ACTION: the International Pavillon of Revolt.

COMERADES FROM ITALY: The International Revolt-Pavillon exects you to do your duty. We have been asked: What is the International Pavillon of Revolt. The answer is: This pavillon is created as soon as the national-guard is surpassed by the avant-garde. Together with you we will be operning the Revolt-Pavillon at the opening of the Biennale. We are expected to be there not only by the opening of the 18th, the 19th and the 20th. But also the 21th, the 22th; the 23th, the 24th. We are expected there in all future. The future waits for us.

THE FOURTH STEP OF THE ACTION: the permanent art-barricades. 1855, challenging the autortarian art-system of nationalism, Gustave Courbet erected his own private and suspect pavillon at the entrance of the Paris world exhibition. 1871, defending liberty, he blew up the Vendome pillar, national monument of France by dynamite. Concerning the fourth step of action, the password is: FOLLOW COURBET. This being the only chance to surpass the naivist-maoist step of occupation. There is nothing to conquer by the Authorities. (Exept perhaps official recognition, stars and orders offices for fools. Little cold cash from scolarships and coc-tail-parties together with museum-directors, well-known art--dealers with bad bank-connections, stripe-trousered ministers of culture with hanging ass from east and from west.) Consequently: MAKE NO WAR OF POSITION. Renew, the methods of Courbet by building art barricades. We call upon every one who risks to apprehend the new reality: Support the fourth step in our action through participation.

Situationist is liberty! Anarchy is libérty! Divided we stand!

Venice, june 1968