Originally appeared in the catalogue of the exhibition Seven Rebels held in Odense, Denmark, September 1962 and in Gothenburg, Sweden, October 1962.

Seven Rebels

These seven artists have all broken away from the "Internationale Situationniste" in Paris and formed a Second Situationist International based on Scandinavia. This is one of the few things they have in common. For the rest they are individualists with different idols and heroes: Charlie Chaplin, Dylan Thomas, Walt Withman,Blind Lemon Jefferson, Hans Christian Andersen, Henri Michaux, Strindberg, Guy Debord ,Carl Frederic Hill ...... .They are young and spontaneous, experimantal and fighters for the new situcratic community. All of them are exiles from their own contries. The danish Nash lives in sweden; Fazakerley in Denmark; Thorsen has moved across the Kattegat; De Jong in Paris, Elde's studio is in Italy; Strid is moving to Dublin; And Hans Peter Zimmer is only kept in Germany because of the process the Bayrish government is running against him. They are not cosmopolitans but cosmonauts of the new society.