Originally appeared as a leaflet. Published in Situationistisk Revolution No.1 (1962) and Situationist Times No.1 (1962)

Proclamation from l'Internationale Situationniste!

On the 15th March a proclamation against l'lnternationale Situationniste was published in Sweden by Ansgar Elde and Jørgen Nash, former members of the Conseil Central.

Under the shelter of l' I.S. these conspirators who have so suddenly shown their hands, tried to support a number of collectors with the aid of the recently repelled fraction which was excluded from the German section at the Paris conference of the Conseil Central on the 10th February.

The cynic forgeries of Nashistic gang mainly refer to three items:

a. On the 10th February, at the latest Paris conference of the Conseil Central (which numbered seven members according to resolution at the 5th I.S. congress) the exclusion of the Prem-Kunzelmann fraction was passed by 5 votes to 1, Ansgar Elde being absent. NASH JOINED THE MAJORITY.

b. The Nascistic proclamation was misdated: Paris, 13th February. This misdating is just a ridiculous attempt to pretend that somebody has ventured to put forward this crazy idea at a situationnistic conference.

c. Moreover, in their leaflet the Nashists introduce a fictitious eighth member of the Conseil Central, who is said to have shared their opinion. This person has never been a member of the Conseil Central, and further, on her return in January from a journey in Germany, she reported the facts which resulted in the inevitable exclusion of the Prem-Kunzelmann fraction.

Considering these facts the Conseil Central of l'Internationale Situationniste

- proclaims that all followers of Nash, the falsifier, and Elde, his agent, will be considered enemies of l'I.S.

- confers on J. V. Martin the supreme authority to represent l'Internationale situtionniste in the area covered by the former Scandinavian section (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) together with the task and the responsibility to reorganize the true situation-nistic elements in these countries before the opening of the 6th I.S. congress in Antwerp.

For the C.C. of l'I.S.

23rd March, 1962

Debord. A. Kotanyi. U. Lausen. R. Vaneigem.