Originally appeared as a leaflet. Published in Situationist Times No.1 (1962)

Nicht Hinauslehnen!
Ne pas se pencher au déhors!
E pericoloso sporgesi!
Danger! Do not lean out!
Det är livsfarligt att luta sig ut!
Niet naar buiten hangen!

Paris, a witches' cauldron of political instigations and demonstrations, armoured cars in the streets, the bloody shadow of the Algerian war, OAS, FLN, clearing murders and torture. Strikes, Police raids, censorship, no gallic ciarity but a dark witches' trial, shoo-ting and reprisals, many dead and wounded.
Paris, where our Conseil Central hoId a meeting in the Internationale Situationniste the 10th and 11th February 1962, 129 Boulevard Saint-Germain - even here brother against brother!

The conseil central of the IS has 8 members:
Dieter Kunzelmann, Germany, Jacqueline de Jong, Holland, Ansgar Elde, Sweden, Jørgen Nash, Denmark, Guy Debord, France, Uwe Lausen, Germany, Attila Kotanyi and Raoul Vaneigem, Belgium.

On the very first day of the meeting a previously printed ultimatum was presented by the four last named members declaring the German group of artists, SPUR, (Sturm, Zim-mer, Prem, Fischer and Kunzelmann) excluded in the name of the Conseil Central. Those four go as far as to accuse SPUR of "fractionist activity based on a systematic misunder-standing of the situationnist theses ..."

That is precisely what they themseives might be denounced for, if we chose to adopt their jesuit methods.

We came to the meeting also prepared to critizise the SPUR members, but in quite another way. We protest against all kinds of fractionist activity within the IS. In this council meeting in Paris we were confronted with a fait acompli, which made an empty farce of the entire meeting. An organization whose essential decisions are not based on th principle of debate is totalitarian and does not agree with our rules of collabora-tion. This was a fractionist attack against us, which is unacceptable to the situationnists. To call in comrades from other countries only to hand out a printed leaflet is a not very positive method. It can be explained only as an outcome of the non-activity policy of those four members. This is no good omen for the future of our movement Internationale Situationniste.

It is not only pointless but ridiculous indeed to pull the emerqency brake when the train has already stopped.

Paris 13th February 1962.

Jacqueline de Jong, Jørgen Nash, Ansgar Elde