Originally appeared in Internationale Situationniste No.8. Translated by John Lepper. Taken from Not Bored website
Exclusion Of The Spurists

For the Central Committee of the SI: Guy Debord, Attila Kotyani, Uwe Lausen and Raoul Vaneigem

The Central Committee of the SI has resolved, in its meeting in Paris on 10 February 1962, to exclude from the German section of the S.I. the group responsible for issuing the journal Spur (D. Kunzelmann. H. Prem, H. Sturm, [and] H.P. Zimmer). It was argued that the fractional activity of this group is based on a systematic misunderstanding of situationist theses; and that the members of this group have perfectly disregarded the discipline of the S.I. in order to "arrive" as artists. The journal Spur will be replaced by a new journal as the organ of the S.I. in Germany.