Originally appeared in Gordon Fazakerley: Drawings and Poems (1962). Published by Bauhaus Situationniste. Born in Widnes in the North-West of England Gordon Fazakerley has been closely associated with the Bauhaus Situationniste all his life. He contributed to Drakabygget and was at one time co-editor of Situationist Times to which he also contributed. The following extracts from his book of poems and drawings does not do justice to the freeform, non-linear presentation of the original.
Extracts from Poems, Drawings

Gordon Fazakerley


opened to the steps of silences

I am unrecognisable to all my changes

as I wake in the shroud of my fable




I measure the circle the centre that I am

with the language chain

that has grown from my mouth

grown into my hands to be pulled

or-else I will be dragged.




my fingers unbutton the language of the space

whose gradual acquisition covers and punctuates

the turning throngs of hiddenness